Houseplant of the Month: August

This month our half-off houseplant is Philodendron ‘Little Phil’. This easy-going houseplant like low light or part sun, and to get fairly dry in between thorough waterings. ‘Little Phil’ has a bushy growth habit, and handsome, slender, dark green leaves- perfect for air purification or adding a jungley feel to any room! We offer this philodendron in 4” pots for $6.95, and 6”pots for $12.95- 50% off until August 31st!


Thank You Rhode Island!

We’re so proud to have won two Best of RI awards this year! Readers and editors voted us ‘Best Garden Center’ in Newport County, and ‘Best Houseplants’ statewide. We owe it all to our hard-working crew, for keeping us looking fun, fresh, and beautiful every day, and to our loyal customers, who make it all worthwhile. Thanks for supporting us! Check out the newest issue of Rhode Island Monthly magazine to read more!


Houseplant of the Month: July

This month our half off houseplant is the lovely scented Geranium. Scented geraniums have been popular since victorian times, prized for their soft, sweet smelling leaves and dainty pink flowers. These little leaves can been used in teas, potpourris, jams, jellies, salves, and perfumes, but even if you don’t plan on doing that, they’re a fun plant on their own. Scented geraniums love a full sun area, inside or outside (although they must be brought in for the winter) and like to get dry between thorough waterings. We carry varieties such as ‘Attar of Roses’, ‘Nutmeg’, ‘Apricot’, ‘Strawberry’, ‘Chcolate Mint’, ‘Gooseberry’, and ‘Grey Lady’. Plants are currently $3.95 for a 3.5” pot, or $9.95 for a 6” pot, and with 50% off they’re a steal! This sale will last until July 31st. Stop by and get yours before we run out!