A wide variety of plants

Browse a unique selection of houseplants, tropicals, annual and perennial garden plants, trees, shrubs, vegetables, herbs, seeds, and bulbs. Whether you’re a seasoned plant-lover or or just passing through, you’ll find something fun here at Peckham’s.


a helpful staff

Our staff will help you find the best plants for your home and garden, providing advice on design, planting, and care. Have a problem with your plants? Bring in a sample and for disease and insect identification. We’ll set you up with the tools you need for control and prevention. Mystery plant in your garden? We’ll help you identify it. Need a plant re-potted or a window box beautified? We’re happy to do it for you.

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All things gardening

With a wide variety of plants, tools, soils, mulches, and fertilizers, we’ve got you covered on garden care. Need your tools sharpened? Bring them to us and we’ll get them ready for all your garden chores. We even offer garden consultation, installation, and restoration services!


Floral design

Each week we fill our cooler with fresh flowers, offering bouquets and arrangements for pick up or local delivery. Each made-to-order arrangement is one of a kind. Our talented florists create exactly what you need, whether it’s a small, handheld bouquet for a friend, a respectful sympathy vase, or an over-the-top arrangement for that special occasion.


holiday cheer

For the holidays Peckham’s carries a large assortment of home-grown poinsettias, hand-decorated wreaths, swags, fresh garlands, table centerpieces, and more! During our annual Handmade Holiday Market we feature the work of over 25 local artists and makers. You’ll find things like handmade jewelry, ornaments, greeting cards, hand-woven scarves, soaps, salves, teas, and spices.


and much more!

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Plant Stands

Garden Decor

Fairy Gardens


Wind Chimes